Istartek VT 206

  • GSM signal: 850/900/1800/1900 Quad band.
  • Weight: 96g.
  • GPS Channels 20.
  • Operating temperature -25°C – 60°.
  • Working voltage/current: 9-36v DC / 90mA.
  • Wide for voltage input range: 9-36vDC.
  • Built-in vibration sensor, theft-proof.
  • Check location via SMS
  • Alarms when the power supply is disconnected with backup battery.
  • Voice observer function.


This tracker is compatible with external connection through serial port and even helps to monitor the voice, check the position of the vehicles. If the power of tracking device is off, device will activate security sensor alarm set in the vehicle and detect the explosion of ACC ignition. Whereas, if you are unable to track the vehicle although setting is correct, you can sent the command to the device by rebooting it.


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