Mobile Tracking System in Nepal

GSM (Global System of mobile Communication) system is the standard form of the market place of mobile serving billions of people across the world, which is scheduled to secure wireless system considering the authentication of the user. With the determination of location of the mobile phone supported by the installation of the client server software, the network based tracking system using GSM, localizes the phone and know whether it is static or moving. In Nepal, the elementary network is the installation of hardware and software device within the workers for achieving accuracy.

According to the operational environment, with the connection of the cellular network i.e. GSM, you can instantly search the location of the cell phone and operate the tasks differently. For tracking mobile phone, SIM card is required for the users for the contributing information and data of particular person after switching on the handsets.

Cell phone surveillance comprise of following, tapping, monitoring, recording, capturing of the messages, collecting of data in the turned on mobile phones in a certain region or places. That is why mobile tracking system in Nepal providing security of information stored in the cell phone of the concerned person or the business is necessary while travelling, negotiating confidentiality and authentication.


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